Music Therapy

Tom Curry, Music Therapist, has provided individual and group-based services at St. Martha’s Regional Hospital in Antigonish since November 2013. His position has been funded through various grants and donations via Arts Health Antigonish. The introduction of music therapy has contributed to many positive outcomes for patients, families and staff. Some have said that music therapy has provided a way to “engage people socially, re-introduce them to positive coping, build self-esteem, and encourage participation in activities of daily living”. Others have said it’s provided adults with cognitive impairment, a reconnection to memories and abilities of their past which has been therapeutic and has offered much comfort to some patients in their last weeks of life. The addition of this service has been a powerful and transformative enhancement to patient and family-centred care.

See GASHA Annual Report page 7 for more information on “Art Sustains Us” AHA! (Arts Health Antigonish) working with GASHA

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  1. I wish to thank AHA! for making it possible for the patients in St. Martha’s Regional Hospital, and the ALC unit in particular to enjoy and participate in music therapy provided by Tom Curry.

    As a frequent visitor to the my 91 year old mother hospital for eight months, I observed the effects of music therapy on the elderly people in the unit. Tom brought them joy, helped them reminisce, remembering back to days when sing songs were popular as a form of entertainment and socialization. Memories were stimulated as they were challenged to recall lyrics of songs sung in bygone days. My mother’s face would light up when Tom appeared, and she actively participated in the singing, although she is not a social person.
    I hope music therapy will eventually be provided to people outside the hospital – in nursing homes,long term care facilities and seniors home. Thanks to AHA!and to Tom.

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