Colouring Antigonish

Arts Health Antigonish! (AHA!) is excited with the reception and interest in our debut colouring book “Colouring Antigonish”.

This is a fundraising project for AHA!, with the hopes of engaging the community in participatory art, while at the same time supporting our diverse and varied programming.

Our thanks to the many local artists who have supported creating this colouring book through their art contributions.  Artists include: Kate Brown Georgallas, Anthony Burns, Anne Camozzi, Denise Davies, Barbara Hayes, Kelly Farrel, Tommy Landry, Sophie Lawrence, Anne Louise MacDonald, Karen MacDougall, Adele MacFarlane, Noella Murphy, Rachel Power, Celeigh Russell, Maureen St. Clair, Anne Simpson, Jei Jei Steeves, Gregg Stearns, Anna Syperek, Susan Walsh.

Colouring Antigonish with Arts Health Antigonish and local artis
Colouring Antigonish with Arts Health Antigonish and local artists

AHA! is a collaboration between the local arts community and the local health community, which began in January 2013 with a recognition of a need to acknowledge, value and respect the immense contribution of the cultural sector to the community vitality, vibrancy and health. AHA! recognizes and encourages the relationship between creativity and wellness and has been developing arts-based programming for those on a journey to enhanced health, wellness and quality of life.

“Art taps, for each of us, whatever our circumstances, a deep well of physical, emotional and spiritual well-being. It is indispensable to our lives, and to our total health.” Dr. John Graham-Pole

Colouring Antigonish, our first adult colouring book, with submissions by local artists is now available at the following locations:

  • Pachamama 18 College St. Antigonish (Corner of College and St. Ninian)
  • Lyghtesome Gallery 166 Main St Antigonish
  • Antigonish 5¢ to $1 245 Main St, Antigonish
  • The Made in Nova Scotia Store  324 Main St. Antigonish
  • The Gift Corner at St Martha’s Regional Hospital 25 Bay St. Antigonish


  1. Hi – is there a way to buy the colouring book online? How much does it cost? thanks – great initiative!

    1. Hi Peggy – we are not selling the colouring book online at this point but may in the future. You can purchase it in Antigonish at the following locations. We are in a 2nd printing but the books should be available early next week (Dec 7+).
      Antigonish 5c-$1.00
      The Made in Nova Scotia Store
      Lyghtesome Gallery
      The Gift Corner at St Martha’s

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