Benefit to support Rodney Tate

Rodney Tate has suffered a serious health set back in the last few weeks. He is unable to work at this time and as an artist and independent worker this makes life pretty tough. There will be a benefit event at Beaver Dam Farm which includes a raffle, an art auction, a sale on some paintings at the gallery, light refreshments and music. It would be great of everyone could come out and support Rodney and enjoy some time at the farm with him.

Event Info:
Old Barn Gallery, Beaver Dam Farm – 71 Melanson Rd., Pomquet

EXIT 35B off Trans Canada Highway.

SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 16th 3 – 6 pm.  —  This will be a kid friendly event with picnic tables set up and lots of art supplies for the kids to express themselves.

If you need more information please contact Carol Rivoire at

Thank you,
AAF Team