AHA! Updates 2019

Dear AHA!,

As many of you know, we are undergoing some changes in how Arts Health Antigonish (AHA!) is organized. It was a team decision over a year ago to pursue charitable status for AHA!, with the hope that we could become more sustainable through hiring staff and attracting donors to sustain our work.

We reached our first goal in 2018, that of becoming a registered not-for-profit. I am most grateful to those of you who let your names stand as our inaugural council. Moving forward, we will continue to formalize this council, creating a team of strategic and creative thinkers who are passionate about AHA!’s mission.

As our year end is December 31, I would like to invite any who are passionate about AHA!, who have participated in AHA! in any way, and who are interested in helping to lead the team through 2019, to please let me know. Anyone who has regular paid work through AHA! isn’t eligible to be on the leadership council while working for us.

AHA! will continue to host open meetings, though perhaps not quite as frequently as previously, and will continue to value your input at meetings. Please save the date of Feb. 27, 5 pm to attend our inaugural AGM!

Your name will remain on our contact list for the open meetings unless we are told otherwise. Please feel free to connect with us at any time through email or social media.

Many thanks for your interest in, and support for, AHA! We are anticipating an exciting year!

Liz and Jen