Call to artists and writers – Spellbound by Nature

Call to artists and writers:

Arts Health Antigonish (AHA!) is creating an online toolkit for our program, Spellbound by Nature, based on the book, The Lost Words. The hope is to reacquaint youth with nature through ‘conjuring’ up the words of nature through artistic spells – poems, paintings, drawings, collage, photographs, songs and stories.

By sharing artistic spells, AHA!’s toolkit will conjure approximately 40 nature words and will be made available online and through education partners. There may also be a public installation of the original artwork. There will be stipends available for each ‘spell’ used in this project.

Writers and artists who are inspired to contribute to the creative spells are invited to do so in whichever artistic genre they choose.  Please send expressions of interest and a brief bio to by noon on Friday, May 8, along with a sample of your art.