Arts Health Antigonish! (AHA!)
2013 in Review

2013 was a busy year for the new Arts Health Antigonish AHA!

  • April Symposium: Kicked off the creation of AHA! with a celebration of what is happening locally already, dreaming and brainstorming. See more
  • From feedback received, creation of logic model, mission statement, guiding principles see more
  • Thundertales – 18 week storytelling project for youth funded by the Heartwood Centre for Community Youth Development and the Community Health Board, facilitated by Amberlee Boulton: see more
  • Workshops for AHA! failitators –  fun, engaging, educational, team building See more
  • Fundraiser with Aphrodite and the Old Barn Gallery: Arthur Rivoire Memorial Fund for emerging artist in the hospital setting

November: celebration of Arts and Health Month

a) Playshops: celebrating in numerous community locations, with diverse populations and artistic genres: see calendar on website for full schedule.  See More

b) Film: A Year at Sherbrooke: with a discussion of the Eden Philosophy in long term care facilities See More

c) Music therapist in the hospital 10–12 hrs/wk

d) Drama/clowning/visual arts therapist: 8-10 hrs/wk, focus on inpatient mental health unit: Arthur Rivoire Memorial position

e) Participation in open mike nights at the library

f) Creation of the AHA! Endowment Fund for Arts in the hospital through the St Martha’s Hospital Foundation See more

g) Establishment of the Arthur Rivoire Arts Scholarship Fund at Antigonish East

6. Social media – Website creation; Facebook Group; Sustainable Antigonish page

7. Arts Space Inventory, a service learning project with ACA


For 2014….in the works….

1 Continuation of: Thundertales, hospital therapists, community arts therapists

2 New explorations: An RK storytelling project, Palliative Care legacy project, art in the hospital

Interested in joining us? Contact:  


  1. Love the work you are doing. I am working with dementia and alzheimer clients teaching them art in a Seniors residence. The program has grown over the last three years from 6 to 36 artists. On May 28 we will be holding our second Art Gallery Evening inviting families, and the community into the Seniors residence. This year students in the Art Program came to the residence and worked with 6 residence on a Legacy Program – recording their life story and painting a portrait. They will also be presenting their work at the Art Gallery Evening. Through the Art Program an new vibrancy has been created. This vibrancy and pride is connecting outward to the families, our youth and community.
    Love to know more about your work. It is so needed. Diane Brown

    1. Thanks for your support and interest Diane! It sounds like you are also bring art for health to those who are very much in need. Wishing you well on the 28th…..and thanks for connecting and sharing with us. Hopefully we can continue to share our stories.

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