Arts Health Antigonish (AHA!)

The mission of AHA! is to foster creative expression for community health.

It is a collaboration between the local arts community and GASHA Public Health, which began at the Sustainable Antigonish (SA) Roundtable in January 2013. There was recognition by those at the table of a need to acknowledge, value and respect the immense contribution of the cultural sector to community vitality, vibrancy and health. About AHA!

Arts Canopy Project

Since October of 2016, Arts Canopy has been providing arts based programming in music, visual arts, dance/movement, and poetry for people with dementia. It addresses the mental wellbeing of this growing population by providing meaningful ways for them to remain active, to retain their dignity, to encourage social engagement, to discover other ways of remembering, along with offering opportunities for creative expression.  Arts Canopy Project

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Arts Health Antigonish (AHA!)

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