November is Arts Health Month – 2021

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November is arts- health month and AHA! Is once again offering playshops! See descriptions below.

Preregistration is required as numbers are limited. Please fill out the form, selecting the playshop(s) in which you wish to participate.

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Note that all in-person playshops require face masks and proof of vaccination.

Protein Packed Snacks (for youth) with Molly and Giselle

Protein Packed Snacks
for Youth Ages 12 – 16
by StFX Nutrition Students Molly and Giselle
November 17th  5:30PM – 7:00 PM
St. Francis Xavier University Foods Lab
$5 (Cost covers supplies)

About the Playshop
For this demo, each participant will be making three different variations of energy balls that can be both healthy and festive: Oatmeal Chocolate Chip, Gluten Free Oatmeal Chocolate Chip, and Gingerbread. Energy balls can be made in so many different ways that youth can apply their creativity and try new variations of these recipes at home. While making the energy ball we will also discuss their nutritional value and the role of protein and fiber in the diet.

Giselle and Molly are both graduates of the St. FX Human Nutrition program and are now completing their dietetic internships through St. FX.

Molly is from Antigonish, Nova Scotia. Her favourite things to do include going for walks, baking and cooking, and hanging out with her family and friends.

Giselle is from Cape Breton, Nova Scotia. Her favourite things to do are cooking, spending time with friends and family, and doing jigsaw puzzles.

Soft Pastels with Victoria Palmer

Soft Pastels with Victoria Palmer.
Saturday November 20.  2pm – 5
The Arts House
$20 (Cost covers supplies)

Bring a photo for inspiration if you like

An exploration of the techniques and possibilities of creating with soft pastels.

Bio:  Victoria Key Palmer

Victoria Key Palmer was born in 1937 in Montreal. Victoria’s formative years were spent in Montreal, and in Ottawa during the war years. Summers were spent in a log cabin in the Laurentians, walking in the woods, swimming in the lakes, and observing the parade of blooming wild flowers. Victoria studied music at McGill University and majored in composition, teaching piano throughout her career. Married in 1958 and mother to three daughters, she began to paint in earnest when the family settled in Nova Scotia in 1972 to operate a farm. Victoria continued to create and exhibit her art as the family moved to the English countryside in 1985 and to south west France in 2001. She returned to Canada in 2009 and is now living in Antigonish, NS. Her work can be found in private collections in the UK, France, Germany, Quebec, Ontario and Nova Scotia.


Pastels Tendres avec Victoria Palmer – Pomquet

Pastels Tendres avec Victoria Palmer

Quand: Mercredi, Novembre 24, 2:30pm – 5:30pm

Lieu: 1154 Monks Head Road, Pomquet

Obligatoire: Masque, Preuve de Vaccination + Photo ID

Participants : Adultes  (places limitées)

Prix: $10  (Le coût couvre les fournitures. Cet atelier est en partie soutenu par la Société Acadienne Ste-Croix.)

Facultatif : Apportez une photo pour vous inspirer si vous le souhaitez !

Une exploration des techniques et possibilités de la création utilisant les pastels tendres. Inscription et prépaiement obligatoires.

Victoria Key Palmer, née en 1937, est élevée à Montréal et Ottawa. Elle passa ses jeunes êtes dans les Laurentides, se promenant dans les bois, et observant les fleurs sauvages. Elle étudia la musique à McGill, et enseigna le piano.

Mariée et mère de trois filles, elle commença de peindre quand la famille déménagea en Nouvelle Écosse en 1972. Après, elle déménage dans la sud-ouest d’Angleterre en 1985 et en France en 2001. Retourner au Canada en 2009, et en Nouvelle Écosse en 2021. Ses œuvres se trouvent dans les collections privées en Angleterre, Allemagne, France, et en Québec, Ontario et Nouvelle Écosse.

Design a Healing Community with Pebbles and Shells with Nancy Turniawan

Design a Healing Community with Pebbles and Shells
Community Artist Nancy Turniawan
Saturday November 27. 2PM – 5PM
The Arts House
$20  (Cost covers supplies)

Together we’ll create a healthy community with nature as our guide; participants will also create a personal piece of pebble art.

Nancy has a keen interest in eradicating child poverty and will encourage participants to share their perspectives during this playshop.

Shen Zeng QiGong with Carol Anne Landry

Shen Zeng QiGong with Carol Anne Landry
Tuesday Nov 23.   7:30 PM – 8:30 PM
Via Zoom Link
Free Introductory Session

Why practice Sheng Zhen Gong? A little background….

Master Li, the founder of Sheng Zhen Qi Gong achieved international fame as a film actor, action director, and coach of the Beijing Wushu Team. At the height of his career, his success brought him into contact with a spiritual master who taught him a simple but profound meditation technique.  This meditation practice led to a life-changing epiphany that planted the seeds of Sheng Zhen Gong in his heart, and he left China to spread this message of Unconditional Love throughout the world. Master Li is one of the true living qigong masters of our time, and the driving force behind bringing Sheng Zhen Gong, the Qigong of Unconditional Love, into the world.

In Sheng Zhen, we talk about the experience of reuniting with our true nature – a joyous content heart. The movements facilitate the mind’s ability to relax and reconnect with that inner voice of Oneness.  If you ever wanted to shut off the busy mind and tap into that universal space, Sheng Zhen Gong can help you get there. ❤

Personally, the experience I get when I practice Sheng Zhen Gong is profound contentment.  I know that if all else fails I have the skills to cultivate deep contentment.  It’s like having a tool in the toolbox that never fails.  Sheng Zhen Gong is so easy to do, that it is also easy not to do.  This is where commitment and dedication come in.  With a commitment to the practice, you can change your body and your mind.  It’s a powerful self-healing technique.

I’ll be teaching a sitting form which is done in a chair.

Carol Anne, has taught in person classes in Antigonish, and during the pandemic, classes via Zoom, which people can enjoy in the evening, from the comfort of their home.

A Zoom link will be emailed to registered participants on the day of each class.

Carol Anne Landry – BA, D.TCM
Carol Anne graduated from Chinese Medicine in Victoria BC in 1999. It was during this training that she first studied Qi Gong for medical purposes. She also holds an undergraduate degree in philosophy from STFX. Her background in medicine and philosophy is the foundation she now draws from as she maintains a Chinese Medicine Clinic in Antigonish. She is most passionate about studying and applying Sheng Zhen’s philosophy not only with her patients and students but within her own life for profound healing purposes.

Art Larks! Creative Movement and Intro to Tango

Art Larks! Creative Movement and Intro to Tango
Art Larks! Two online Videos

Meet Art Larks! Artists Margaret & Odessa

Margaret Spore and Odessa Spore are gifted mother/daughter artists from Halifax. Founded in 2003 by dance instructor Margaret Spore, Tangonova is dedicated to establishing an authentic tango presence in Nova Scotia. Intimate, improvisational and challenging. Argentine tango is truly the dance of fearless passion. Odessa performed as the videographer and editor of this video. Odessa holds a BFA from NSCAD. She is a visual artist working in mixed mediums. She is committed to fostering creativity and community.

Meet Art Larks! artists Claire and Alisa

Claire MacIsaac is a professional dancer based in Montreal and Alisa Haugen-Strand is a professional dancer based out of the UK and Montreal. This dynamic team conducted live and pre-recorded dance and creative movement workshops for our Art Larks! participants. However, their pre-recorded workshops can be accessed by anyone at any time on AHA’s YouTube page. “We are offering an accessible creative movement class, in a blended live/pre-recorded format. This video consists of accessible stretching and mobilisation of the joints, breath-work and somatic awareness, self-massage and free movement to music. A variety of movement options are provided for a range of different physical abilities and backgrounds (ex. seated). This class can be taken individually by a senior or caregiver or together as a pair.”

YouTube Channel available during November

Art Larks! invites seniors to our second session of online arts programming beginning September 13. If you enjoy a little fun and friendship with other seniors while singing, dancing and creating, then Art Larks! is for you! Led by artists from across NS (and beyond, with NS connections), Art Larks! seeks to bring seniors together for music, visual arts, poetry, dance, story and laughter. Under 65 but like to join us? We won’t turn you away!

More about Art Larks!


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