Photography Project at St. Martha’s Regional Hospital

In 2018, AHA! approached 6 local photographers, asking if they’d share their photos of local scenery with folks at St. Martha’s Regional Hospital. Margaret and Mandy Boudreau, Denise Davies, Bernice MacDonald, Peter Jowett and James Smeaton, kindly gave of their talents to this project. It was compiled into a 1.5 hour video with background music, by Justin Gregg.

A portion of this was piloted in the Internal Medicine office in 2018, with the assistance of their staff. It was noted that patients in their waiting area spent less time on their cell phones and more time watching the photographs, sharing stories of places they’d been. Generally, the atmosphere was more social, more relaxed and people went into their appointments less stressed.

We are excited to be launching this project on the Palliative Care televisions and through our Art Care program in the coming days. We are hoping for a more formal launch this spring.