Project Sandbox

Project Sandbox is a youth podcast. We conduct two monthly recording sessions with youth participants usually between the ages of 13 and 14 at the People’s Place Public Library in Antigonish, Nova Scotia. During a recording session participants will take on the role of a world designer by answering a series of prompting questions ranging from general questions about geography, economy and basic demographic information to more specific questions about, culture, governmental structures, and history. What comes next is totally up to our participants, and it makes for a really fun conversation. You can listen-in on that conversation on the first of every month from June until December 2016.

Project Sandbox on SoundCloud at

Brendan Ahearn, Project Sandbox
Brendan Ahern, Project Sandbox


Brendan Ahern is a graduate of StFX University who has written for different online publications. He recently finished full-time blogging with the Gaelic Council of Nova Scotia. Since May 2016, he has been working on Project Sandbox, a series of podcasts in which youth describe imaginary worlds.




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