Support AHA! – Charitable Receipt SMRH Foundation

Support AHA! through St Martha’s Regional Hospital Foundation

Charitable gifts supporting AHA! are being managed by AHA! through an AHA! fund in the SMRH Foundation. A charitable receipt will be issued by the SMRH Foundation.

Go to the donation page of the Saint Martha’s Regional Hospital Foundation and in the ‘gift designation’ space, choose ‘Arts Health Antigonish’:

Please also fill out the following form for our AHA! records. If you have a preference, please indicate which AHA! project(s) you wish to support:

  • Art Care at SMRH
  • Arts Canopy (arts in Dementia care)
  • Workshops in the community (suggested topics welcome!)
  • Workshops for caregivers
  • Communications
  • Seed funding for new programs (specify if you have a program in mind):
  • Youth programs
  • Programs with immigrants and newcomers to our community
  • Other

Please check if you are interested in being on our email list:

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