The Shoe Project Performance

Immigrant women are telling their stories and letting us walk a mile in their shoes. This group of women, led by Anne Simpson and Laura Teasdale, are joining in a movement that is sweeping across Canada, called The Shoe Project.

Play Along with AHA!

We had a wonderful afternoon with old and new friends at the Play Along with Arts Health Antigonish (AHA!) afternoon November 14  at St James Church hall in Antigonish.  There were many activities to join in on and explore and great music to sing along with or just relax and enjoy.

The Road Home – The Eldertree Story

In 2015, the story of the Eldertree Project was made into a film called The Road Home. It is a vivid documentary film about elders and their stories by Antigonish filmmaker Corinne Dunphy. It reveals how the stories and songs of elders were conveyed to the community through the talents of a younger generation by way of drama.  Read More

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Striking a Chord – Music Therapy at St. Martha’s Hospital with Tom Curry

A short film celebrating the first year of music therapy at St Martha’s Regional Hospital in Antigonish, NS. This position was created and supported during this time by Arts Health Antigonish (AHA!)

Play to Be Well – A Story of Art and Health in Antigonish

Play to be Well was created by filmmaker, Corinne Dunphy and the Arts Health Antigonish (AHA!) steering team, to celebrate the relationship between creativity and well being in the local context. This was filmed in June 2014 and shows glimpses of the arts-health connection in Antigonish during that time. Music for the video was created by local musician, Mary Beth Carty.

Play Along  – AHA! Friends

Arts Health Antigonish is excited to announce the release of a music video for Play Along, written by AHA! with Mary Beth Carty. Fiddler Donald MacLennan and electronic musician Benedict Lafford arranged the song. Live recording sessions were captured by film-maker Corinne Dunphy. We are pleased to acknowledge the support of the Province of Nova Scotia through the Department of Communities, Culture & Heritage!


  1. What a treasure these initiatives are. Your passion and generosity make our community better every day

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