Workshop:  Writing to Listen. Writing to Heal

Writing to listen, writing to heal

Workshop:  Writing to Listen. Writing to Heal with Maureen St.Clair

Writing is a powerful pathway in exploring our interior landscapes, deepening critical and compassionate self and collective awareness; a means to looking deep within ourselves and the world. Maureen St.Clair will take us through a two-part online workshop called ‘Writing to Listen. Writing to Heal’.  Maureen will demonstrate how writing can help ground us and find meaning through self-exploration, story sharing and community building.  This workshop is for anyone who wants to explore writing as a means of building wiser relationships with ourselves and the world; anyone who would like to find courageous paths forward in these sometimes daunting and uncertain times using writing and compassionate listening as that path and  anyone who would like to find a healing path forward!

By the end of the workshop participants will:

  • Learn the art of free writing (also known as automatic writing) as a means of listening to our inner and outer worlds;
  • Build healthier, more compassionate relationships with ourselves and community;
  • Explore critically and lovingly our biases/judgments/assumptions;
  • Develop deeper intimacy with our personal and collective stories;
  • Delve into writing as a form of healing from personal and collective trauma;
  • Practice writing as a path to building wiser relationships with conflict

Maureen is an artist, peace educator, community facilitator, conflict resolution trainer, activist, writer and life-long learner. Born and raised in Canada, with Grenadian citizenship, she has lived and worked in Grenada, West Indies for over 25 years.  

Maureen is deeply passionate about connections, entanglements, intersections, unravelling and weaving of relationships and the power of deep receptive compassionate listening in transforming interpersonal and community based conflict.  As a collaborator, Maureen co-creates courageous inclusive spaces enabling people collectively to do the work of self and community building and healing with a social justice and trauma informed lens. Maureen’s novel, Big Island, Small was published by Fernwood Publishing in 2018 and won the Nova Scotia Atlantic Writers Award and the Beacon Award for Social Justice Literature.  

Comments from past participants of various online and in person workshops:

“Maureen is a very special and skilled facilitator. Gently able to bring everyone along, helping us feel comfortable, helping us understand and learn, nurturing a sense of communion as well as special uniqueness.”

“Maureen generated much positive energy, facilitated connections and produced joy. After only 2 hours, everyone present voiced deep appreciation, and I think many of us felt awe.”

This workshop was a wonderful way to meaningfully connect virtually with thoughtful, curious people wanting to contribute more to their families and communities. I looked forward to each session and came away reflective, refreshed, and thankful for the facilitators and other participants.”

About the Workshops

The workshop will take place online on ZOOM

Thursday November 12th and 19th 6PM to 8PM ADT Limit of 22 participants.

Participants will receive a Zoom link prior to each workshop session.

The sessions will be interactive and include writing activities.  Have a pen and paper or choose to write on your computer.

Register for the 2 workshops  $30 CDN