About AHA!

Arts Health Antigonish (AHA!) is a collaboration between artists, educators and health care workers which began at the Sustainable Antigonish (SA) Roundtable in January 2013. There was recognition by those at the table of a need to acknowledge, value and respect the immense contribution of the cultural sector to community vitality, vibrancy and health. Afterwards, several champions of health care and the arts came together to establish a working group, leading to an inspiring new community partnership – AHA!

The mission of AHA! is to foster creative expression for community health.

Play to Be Well – A Story of Art and Health in Antigonish

Play to be Well was created by filmmaker, Corinne Dunphy and the Arts Health Antigonish (AHA!) steering team, to celebrate the relationship between creativity and well being in the local context. This was filmed in June 2014 and shows glimpses of the arts-health connection in Antigonish during that time. Music for the video was created by local musician, Mary Beth Carty.

The Shoe Project Antigonish

Immigrant women are telling their stories and letting us walk a mile in their shoes. This group of women, led by Anne Simpson and Laura Teasdale, are joining in a movement that is sweeping across Canada, called The Shoe Project. Learn more


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